Dots (YC S21)

I interned at dots, a YC-backed community management startup making nocode tools for discord.

In summer 2022, I started an internship at Dots (I wrote about how I got it in my post about shareweave). It was an incredible experience. One of the cofounders had been to USC and McKinsey, and the other had graduated from Princeton, so they were experienced in the corporate world, and they both had been to YC with this startup. They had a lot of experience and insights to bring to the table when building the product.

As my first time working on an engineering team, I learned a lot about the process and best practices. But in my time at Dots, I also got to try doing sales/outreach (one of the people I reached out to introduced me to the guy who hired me next), and did a lot of different aspects of engineering: frontend, backend, implementing designs, working with millions of pieces of data, and even making their first web3 feature. They were impressed with my work and I continued working into the fall, but eventually made the hard decision to leave to work at thirdbuy.