I'm a software engineer at Thirdbuy, a crypto startup increasing access to investments in developing countries.

In August of 2022, I went to New York and happened to meet Gabriel Romualdo. He runs Thirdbuy, a crypto startup that at the time had a product for buying items online with crypto, and he gave me a generous job offer when we first met. He was 17 and had already worked as an engineering manager at a unicorn startup and raised a pre-seed (though it was in a time when that was very easy to do for a crypto startup). I was intrigued.

I later had a formal interview, and started working as a paid intern (as a trial period) from October to mid-November, and then part-time since. I've learned a lot here, including:

  • How to build a product from scratch, and decide what to build
  • Good and bad management practices
  • While meetings are often attacked now, it can be really helpful to work in sync with a team while coding
  • How to better communicate on a team - I've seen both good and bad things that will be very helpful experience for whatever I do next
  • I've gotten an idea of how to balance being frugal vs. spending money on software and teams
  • Being able to manage time between everything, after agreeing to work a certain number of hours a week
  • Feedback is super important when done right