Ian Cheshire

Software Engineer

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About Me

I’m a software engineer, aspiring entrepreneur, and high school sophomore.

I’ve been working with startups for a year and with code since I was 10. I’m also a boy scout and I love being outdoors.

I’m fascinated by the problems that people face. How can we reduce the wealth gap? Why are there still people living on $2 a day? How can public education actually be effective? How can we stop climate change without needing great sacrifices from the population? How can I do more work in less time? A lot of problems can, in some way, be solved by technology. When I was little, I imagined doing something BIG as an adult - maybe I could build a city in the sky. Now, I can do something BIG with technology.

Current Position

Software Engineer




East Coast USA (EST)



About the Portfolio

This is inspired by the work of Otto Baumberger, who made some cool posters a long time ago. I especially incorporated his 2d and geometric work. All the colors here were found somewhere on his work.

A poster by Otto BaumbergerA poster by Otto BaumbergerA poster by Otto Baumberger


founder [at] Shareweave

January 2022—June 2022
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I founded a startup, which pivoted a few times and eventually ended up making a discord bot.

swe intern [at] Dots (YC S21)

July 2022—October 2022
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I interned at dots, a YC-backed community management startup making nocode tools for discord.

helping out [at] AoTF

July 2022—Present
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I'm helping out Jai Relan with AoTF, a casual community of teenage founders. It's given me hands-on experience with community building.

creator [of] Quillfy

January 2023
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I created Quillfy, a simple GPT tool to get suggestions on writing.

software engineer [at] Thirdbuy

November 2022—Present
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I'm a software engineer at Thirdbuy, a crypto startup increasing access to investments in developing countries.

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